We provide a complete solution to help you stand out from the competition

為什麼選擇QR COACH system系統?

  1. 幫助您您的會員更了解您的俱樂部,
  2. 幫助的會員降低使用器械的危險
  3. 提高您私教部門的銷售額與參加私教課程比例
  4. 增加會員的轉介紹比率
  5. 增加會員續約比率
  6. 幫助您的會籍更容易的推廣
  7. 有效提高市場行銷準確率
  8. 幫助您建立一個教育訓練系統,提高員工素質,降低流動率

有多年行業經驗的qr coach system的成員.深知在現今的健身市場.大小健身房,私教工作室林立.行業競爭大,會員流失率高,品牌忠誠度低,從業人員流動率大,人員培訓不足,成交率低落等等諸多問題.我們提供一套完整的解決方案.協助您在競爭中脫穎而出

  1. 線上教學 E-LEARNING
  2. 如何利用QR COACH SYSTEM讓您無痛展開行業的第一步

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Why choose QR COACH System?

  1. Help your members learn more about your club
  2. Help members reduce the risk of using the equipment
  3. Increase sales of coaching services
  4. Increase the conversion ratio of leads to members
  5. Increase the membership renewal rate
  6. Help make your facility easier to promote
  7. Improve marketing 
  8. Build an education and training system to improve the quality of staff and reduce staff turnover

With many years of industry experience we know today’s fitness market. Challenges include increased competition from bigger and better equipped gyms, high staff and customer turnover rate, low brand loyalty, a lack of professional management tools and staff training resources…we provide a complete solution that will help you stand out from the competition.

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  2. How to use QR COACH SYSTEM to make your first steps in upgrading your business
  3. QR COACH SYSTEM Sales Private Education Process SOP