About QR Coach

With decades of experience in the fitness industry the QR Coach team can help you build a better, more lucrative business. We can:

  • Increase member signups and satisfaction…and therefore bring more revenue for the owner and staff
  • Improve staff training and retention
  • Provide tools and training for management and gym employees
  • Enable ongoing improvement through innovative use of technology

Having worked in all areas, from sales to coaching to management to owning and operating, we have a full understanding of what works what doesn’t.

The QR Coach system is the result of this experience and provides all the tools and know-how you need to take your business to the next level.


The QR Coach system brings benefits to all the key parts of a fitness business – the owner / managers, the coaches and staff, and the members themselves. It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over and shows FAST results.

Owners / management

We provide tools and systems to make your operation more professional, successful, and easier to run. This includes:

  • Extensive training material and courses for staff members
  • More… from Karl


The staff you employ will benefit from increased training, more tools to help them do their jobs, and ongoing education that will see them continue to improve and succeed.

  • Sales training
  • Coaching resources
  • Exercise routine library
  • Sports science
  • Ongoing formal training qualifications available
  • And more! (Click to see)

Gym members

Members get basic education in how to work out and use the different machines. This removes some of the fear of joining a gym and “looking stupid” and helps them get more out of their training.

QR codes in the gym give essential basic information, whilst also encouraging members to speak to the staff for more in-depth help (and training!).

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QR codes let gym members easily access videos on how different equipment is used. Recommended exercise routines and even an exercise library are available to your members.

A short video demonstrates how to correctly use the equipment

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