Benefits for gym members

Your gym members will be positively impacted by QR Coach.

QR code guides

Equipment in the gym will be labeled with a QR code which shows a video of how to use the equipment when scanned.

This means a safer workout experience, and less fear of “looking stupid”.

It’s also a great selling tool to show potential new members – no one likes to admit they don’t know what they’re doing!

Exercise routines

Some suggested exercise routines are available. Many beginners quit after making little progress despite putting in the hours, usually because they are doing everything wrong! Basic exercise science will see them make progress and keep signing up for more!

We also encourage members to hire a personal trainer for the best results and a custom routine.

Classes and personal training

Members can see information on what classes are available, and the social and fitness benefits of them.

We also provide more information on the personal training offered, and encourage members to sign up for courses for the best results.

Happy members…

By supporting and educating your members you will see better results, higher signups, a lower drop-out rate, and some great word of mouth marketing!